Budhanilkantha Temple ブダニールカンタ寺院 (Budhanilkantha)

Kathmandu カトマンズから北へ約10キロあまりに位置する、Budhanilkantha Temple  ブダニールカンタ寺院を訪れました。Nepal Tourism Board の公式Web Siteである「DISCOVER NEPAL」で、この寺院についての説明を読むことが出来ます。

Visit the holy Budhanilkantha Temple to offer prayers at one of the most-loved Vishnu temples of the valley. Observe the intricate artwork that went into the sculpting of the magnificent 5th century of image of the sleeping Vishnu almost alike in features to the Buddha. (中略)
The shrine with probably the largest stone statue of Lord Vishnu in Nepal is reclining on a bed of Nagas or serpents in the middle of a small pond. The 5-m long granite image carved out of a single rock dates back to the Lichchhavi period.