Seto Machhendranath Temple セト マチェンドラナート寺院 (Kathmandu)

アサンチョウク Asan Chowk とインドラチョウク Indra Chowk の間に、セト マチェンドラナート寺院 Seto Machhendranath Temple セト マチェンドラナート寺院は在ります。Boss Nepal の説明によると、

On the way to Indrachowk from Ason, to your right, lay an image of Buddha carved beautifully on the stone pillar in the place called Machhendra Bahal, also known as Jana Bahal. The large pagoda style temple past the gate is dedicated to the Seto (white) Machhendranath, the god of rain in the Hindu religion. The god is recognized as an aspect of Avalokiteshwar to the Buddhist and once a year, his image is carried around in a chariot throughout old Kathmandu and this festival, known as Seto Machhendranath Jatra,taking place during spring lasts for four days.

ヒンズー教では雨の神様であり、仏教徒にとっては観音菩薩でもある、白い (Seto) 神様です。日を改めて、赤い神様 Rato Machhendranath も訪ねます。