Sri Lanka explosions スリランカでの爆破テロ Apr. 21, 2019

是非スリランカを訪れて見たいと思い、ガイドブック等を購入して読み始めたところでした。4月21日、悲しいニュースが報道されています。日本時間午後8時過ぎに更新されたBBCの「Sri Lanka explosions: 137 killed as churches and hotels targeted」では、爆発は少なくとも8回、3つの教会、4つのホテルが標的とされ、夜間外出禁止令が布かれ、social media の一時的な利用停止もあると報道されています。

At least eight blasts were reported. Three churches in Negombo, Batticaloa and Colombo’s Kochchikade district were targeted during Easter services.
The Shangri-La, Kingsbury, Cinnamon Grand and a fourth hotel, all in Colombo, were also hit.
A curfew has been imposed from 18:00 to 06:00 local time (12:30-00:30 GMT).
The government also said there would a temporary block on the use of major social media networks.


In the years since the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war in 2009, there has been some sporadic violence, with members of the majority Buddhist Sinhala community attacking mosques and Muslim-owned properties. That led to a state of emergency being declared in March 2018.
The civil war ended with the defeat of the Tamil Tigers, who had fought for 26 years for an independent homeland for the minority ethnic Tamils. The war is thought to have killed between 70,000 and 80,000 people.


Theravada Buddhism is Sri Lanka’s biggest religion, making up about 70.2% of the population, according to the most recent census.
It is the religion of Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese majority. It is given primary place in the country’s laws and is singled out in the constitution.
Hindus and Muslims make up 12.6% and 9.7% of the population respectively.
Sri Lanka is also home to about 1.5 million Christians, according to the 2012 census, the vast majority of them Roman Catholic.

CNNの「Sri Lanka blasts: At least 140 dead and more than 560 injured in multiple church and hotel explosions」では、スリランカのキリスト教徒について、スリランカの人口2140万人の10%以下と記載があります。

Christianity is a minority religion in Sri Lanka, accounting for less than 10% of the total population of 21.4 million.
According to census data, 70.2% of Sri Lankans identify as Buddhist, 12% Hindu, 9.7% Muslim, and 7.4% Christian.
It is estimated that 82% of Sri Lankan Christians are Roman Catholic.